2015 Wedding Collections begin at $2,600

Special pricing for elopements and destination weddings.

Please inquire for more details and custom pricing.


What's the best way to inquire?
Email:  info@sarahroseburns.com

What types of photography do you offer?
Elopements, weddings, engagements and family portraits are my primary focus, but I'm up for anything! 

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes. I shoot with two or three camera bodies at every wedding/engagement (and most portrait sessions). I have multiple lenses, batteries, and memory cards. Upon completing a photoshoot I save the files in two locations and the images are archived online. All film is scanned so there is both a physical copy (negatives) and a digital copy.

Do you shoot digital or film. Which is better?
I shoot both film & digital. I prefer film for it's rich tones, the dreamy way it captures light, and its  artistic quality. Shooting film fulfills my creative soul and keeps me inspired. I use digital for darker, indoor shots, and faster motions.

Can I order prints?
Yes. Prints are very easy to order from your secure online gallery, which I send you after editing is complete. Your personal gallery can be shared with anyone in the world. The link is password protected.

Do you offer albums?
Yes. Beautiful fine art albums customized to your taste and budget.

Do you edit all of the photos we receive? How long does it take to get my images back?
Yes. The film images are developed and scanned professionally by my favorite lab, and you receive the final scanned jpegs combined with any digital images I shot. Between May-September, you will receive your images 2-3 weeks after your wedding. Outside of this "busy" season, you may receive them more quickly.

Do you take photos of us with our families at the wedding?
Yes! I feel these are extremely important, and I actually enjoy them! When else is the entire family together looking so dapper?
We will get "formal" photos of the bride & groom with their families. I request a list of family photos before the wedding so that it goes smoothly and quickly and you can get to the party faster!

Can I send you my Pinterest inspiration board/shot list so we can recreate photos?
Pinterest is OK for a couple ideas, but avoid blatantly copying everything you see. It's so easy to get carried away and lose the true essence of your individuality. Instead, stay true to yourself, and lets come up with new and unique images that capture what your wedding is all about! I am more than happy to contribute advice or tell you about various elopement or wedding experiences I've seen in order to help you begin the creative planning process!
Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but that's just it - it's meant to get you inspired to create something totally unique to YOU.
I have a mental shot list so as not to miss any important aspects of the wedding.

Do you have insurance?
Yes. Let me know if your venue needs to see it.

What's the worst thing that has happened at a wedding?
I haven't seen anything terrible, but this would probably suck.

Where should we do our photoshoot/engagement session?
We work together on this. Of course I prefer if YOU choose a special place, a place with meaning, but I can offer advice.
I'm constantly looking for the best places during specific times of the year. We figure out the "feel" you want (nature vs.urban). I look up sunset times for the day of our shoot. I scout out the lighting and shade during the time of day we select.
Fall is the trickiest because peak leaf color begins and ends very quickly. If you're flexible, I sometimes offer a range of days/times and we pick the best one as it approaches.

What can we do to get the best photos?
Light is everything. Most images you see on my website are the result of extensive consultation/timing to utilize natural light to our advantage. Natural light is the absolute best thing we can use in photography, and the great part is that it's abundant and free! My favorite time of day to shoot is during the Golden Hour. The Golden Hour happens twice a day: an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Rather than harsh white light, you get soft warm light that makes everything look amazing. It also creates long shadows and a creamy "glow" in the images that can't be imitated by artificial light. If your session/event/wedding is during the night or indoors without any natural light, that's OK too - it will just be a different look. I use artificial light in those cases and the images tend to be more high-contrast and dramatic. Let's work together to figure out what look you want and how we can make it happen!

Do you photograph LGBT weddings?
Absolutely! I do not discriminate, judge, or devalue couples for any reason. I photograph people from all walks of life. If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, same sex (or whatever other label you can think of), I believe you deserve to have beautiful images of your special day as much as anyone else. I see every couple equally through my lens and am honored to capture love of every kind!